The following requirements are needed for the entry of your pet to Peru:

  • - Updated Vaccinations (no less than 30 days of validity and no more than one year).
  • - Internal and external deworming.
  • - Health certificate issued by the official authority in the country of origin.


PETWINGS will advise you on all the details and requirements for the entry or re-entry of your pet to Peru, and if entry is made as cargo, we will take care of the reception and customs clearance, as well as transportation to your home, if you desire so.


In PETWINGS we put at your disposal a great variety of plastic kennels (cages). It should be noted that every pet needs a customized size to ensure its comfort and safety during the trip. We have flexible kennels, cabin kennels, and if no kennel fits your pet, we design and build one according to its needs.

If your pet needs a home where to be hosted, either for a few days or for some months, in PETWINGS we have an adequate place for this. We also provide hosting service to pets that come to Peru and need a place where to be pampered until their owners can establish and relocate.


We provide veterinary medical services for travelers. Surgeries, clinical analysis, consultations, deworming, flea controls, dental cleaning or just a bath, whatever you say you need we will do it for you.